Development and Utility Construction

The City of Columbia’s Engineering Regulations can be found below. The document can be downloaded as a large (39 MB) PDF or by chapter. If you have additional questions about the Engineering Regulations, call +1 (803) 545-3400.

All files below are in PDF document PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

Engineering Regulations by Chapter

Table of Contents

Part 1: Submission of Plans
Part 2: Water Distribution System Design Standards
Part 3: Design of Sanitary Sewers
Part 4: Application of the Columbia Drainage Ordinance, Storm Sewer Design
Part 5: Specification for Roadway Design
Part 6: Procedures for the Subdivision of Land
Part 7: Water Main Extension
Part 8: Sanitary Sewer Main Extension
Part 9: Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Complete Streets Design Guidelines
Part 10: Encroachment Permit: Street/Road Not Owned by City of Columbia
Part 11: Application for City Encroachment Permit
Part 12: Application for New Water Service
Part 13: Application for Sanitary Sewer Service
Part 14: Instructions to Bidder
Part 15: General Specifications
Part 16: Specifications for Water Distribution System, Materials and Construction
Part 17: Specifications for Sanitary Sewers
Part 18: Specification for Roadway Improvements Materials and Construction
Part 19: Specifications for Fencing Materials
Part 20: Specifications for Sodding, Fertilizing and Seeding
Part 21: Sanitary Sewer Service Agreement (DELETED)
Part 22: Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Part 23: Minority Business Enterprise Program
Part 24: Pressure Reducing Valve Housing
Part 25: Specifications for Altitude Valve Vault
Part 26: Procedures for Easement Acquisition
Part 27: Procedures for Acceptance of Existing Streets
Part 28: COC Digital Data Submission Standards
Part 29: Fats, Oils, and Grease Management Regulation
Part 30: Specifications for Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors
Part 31: Specifications for Commercial Swimming Pool Backwash & Drainage